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Summer driving can be fun, as long as you watch out for hazards

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | Personal Injury

Many drivers spend more time behind the wheel during the summer than any other season. Perhaps you must take your out-of-school kids from place to place, or maybe you enjoy driving more in the summer because the weather is lovely.

You can expect a lot more traffic in the summer, and you never know when a motorist is incapacitated, but this aren’t the only hazards you may face on Ohio roadways. Here are two other vehicle accident dangers that typically plague summertime motorists.

Road construction

Those who build and repair roads do their best to warn drivers when they’re approaching a site where work is underway. Still, many vehicle accidents occur in or near road construction zones. Practice extra caution when navigating road work sites and be aware of any large construction vehicles operating nearby.

Distracted pedestrians

Did you know that many pedestrians are distracted? Like some drivers, many pedestrians focus on digital technology instead of traffic and road conditions. Keep a close watch on walkers in your vicinity. If they do something unexpected, you may need to act fast to prevent an accident.

What if you’re a great driver?

Keep up the good work, but not everyone may share your responsible mindset. While it is always wise to stay alert for careless motorists, be even more watchful when facing hazards all year round.

Those who suffer injuries in a negligent vehicle accident can potentially maximize their injury compensation by seeking legal support. For example, you may qualify for pain and suffering damages if your injuries are catastrophic. Seeking legal guidance can help to ensure your compensation rights remain protected.