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We Provide Skilled And Experienced Immigration Representation

Immigration law is a very complicated topic, that can be difficult to navigate if you are not familiar with how the system works. Not only that, but any mistakes that you make along the process can result in months or even years of delay being added to your immigration process. At Rodriguez & Porter, Ltd.,

we have decades of experience assisting clients with all manner of immigration applications and proceedings. We can assist you and guide you through this process.

Our Office Assists Families In Reuniting

One of our greatest pleasures is helping to bring families together who have been separated due to immigration issues. We help parents, siblings, and spouses to file I-130 applications so that their loved ones can join them in this country.

We also assist people in asylum applications, cancellation of removal for legal permanent residents, undocumented individuals and people in immigration court. If you were told that you were ineligible to enter the United States, then we will evaluate the circumstances of your denial and make a determination of what your options may be. There could be a solution through filing an I-212 waiver for permission to reapply is sufficient or if an I-601 or an I-601a waiver as a last resort, however those may add more time to your total process. Forms that our clients typically provide us to assist them include:

  • Family immigration
    • I-130 petition for alien relative: spouse, child, parent, sibling
      • I-485 adjustment of status to that of legal permanent resident
    • 1-485a based on 245i eligibility through the LIFE Act
    • NVC national visa center and consular processing board
    • Waivers
      • I-601 waiver of grounds of inadmissibility
      • I-601a provisional waiver
      • I-212 waiver after deportation
  • DACA deferred action for childhood arrivals (Dreamers)
    • Renewal of DACA and work permit
    • Travel authorization for educational, humanitarian and employment purposes

If you have been struggling with the immigration system, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Our Team Has Helped Many Clients With Removal Defense

If you have received deportation orders, then it is essential that you get legal representation as soon as possible. We have extensive experience in assisting clients who are facing deportation and we work hard to enforce all of your rights to so that you can receive fair treatment. Some of the common ways that we fight deportation include:

  • Appeals of removal orders to Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Petitions for judicial review of removal orders in federal court
  • Request a cancellation of the removal order
  • File for asylum
  • File a motion to reopen the immigration case
  • Representation in EOIR Federal Immigration Court across the country
    • Telephonic hearings and videoconference hearings
    • In-Person hearings in Cleveland, Ohio
    • Detained hearings and bond hearings
    • Applications for cancellation of removal E-42B
    • Applications for asylum and withholding of removal I-589

In addition to these methods, we are also skilled at negotiating immigration bonds to secure your release during the pendency of your proceedings. Your freedom can make a difference for you and your family while you are going through this difficult time.

We Also Assist Immigrants With Employment Issues

One of the most common issues for immigrants who come to this country is employment. Whether you are a permanent resident who is waiting for work authorization or you came here on an H1B visa, we can assist you. We can work with you and your employer on your H1B petitions as well as more traditional visa opportunities. Some of our services include:

  • Applications for work authorization
  • H1B specialty worker
  • H2B seasonal workers
  • Exceptional ability workers
  • National interest waiver
  • Labor certification

Currently, we are taking advantage of the new Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) system which was established in the Department of Labor to expedite the process for H1B petitions. In the ideal circumstances, this can cut the application process to as few as 60 days, a vast improvement over the old process.

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