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Dog bites are more likely to get infected

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Personal Injury

Any type of cut or laceration opens up the chance for infection. It allows bacteria and debris to get below the protective layer of the skin. All wounds, even minor ones, should be cleaned out as soon as possible. 

But dog bites are particularly problematic because they are generally puncture wounds. The skin isn’t torn or ripped. Instead, there is deep damage pushing down through the layers of the skin and into the tissue beyond. When it comes to infection risks, puncture wounds usually have a higher infection rate. 

Trapping bacteria

The first issue that this creates is that bacteria and debris become trapped in the wound itself. A surface wound might be much easier to clean, and it’s definitely easier to examine to see if there are complications. But a puncture wound can be very difficult to clean, especially if it doesn’t bleed. Someone might wash it out and assume it will heal when the basis for a serious infection is already forming. 

Considering the source

You also have to think about the source of the wound in the first place. A dog’s mouth is naturally going to be a breeding ground for bacteria in a way that other sources wouldn’t be. This is why a clean cut suffered while using a power saw, for instance, may appear to be far worse when it initially happens, but may also be much less likely to become infected.

Seeking financial compensation

If you have suffered from a dog bite and it has become infected, you could be facing severe complications. Some bites can even be life-threatening if infection sets in. Make sure you know how to seek financial compensation from the dog’s owner.