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Butler County is the 8th deadliest Ohio region for traffic crashes

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Personal Injury

It is safe to say that preventable motor vehicle accidents plague all states. Perhaps it is the sheer volume of motorists occupying the roads or pervasive disregard for rules, laws and maybe even life itself.

According to Moneygeek, Butler County is Ohio’s eighth deadliest traffic accident region, identifying Interstate 75 as the most dangerous roadway. Intersections are typically where most accidents happen. Knowing which ones see the highest volume of traffic crashes could help you stay safer while traveling.

Which intersections should you try to avoid?

Steering clear of areas where many accidents occur can go a long way in helping you avoid vehicle accident injuries. Below are five intersections in Butler County identified by the state Department of Transportation as hotspots for severe vehicle accidents.

  • 1. US Highway 127 (Hamilton-Eaton Rd) at State Road 73
  • 2. State Road 4 (Hamilton-Middletown Rd) at State Road 747 (Princeton-Glendale Rd)
  • 3. State Road 4B (Bypass) at County Road (or Route) 18 (Princeton Rd)
  • 4. State Road 747R (Princeton-Glendale Rd) at County Road 20 (Tylersville Rd)
  • 5. State Road 4 (Hamilton-Middletown Rd) at County Road 113 (Liberty Fairfield Rd)

When possible, choose a route that gets you where you need to go without driving in these crash-prone areas.

You have a role to play in helping reduce motor vehicle accidents in America. Always file a report and an accident claim after any traffic crash. These reports add to state and national accident statistics that lawmakers rely on to amend or create new traffic laws.

Legal representation can help you obtain the compensation you deserve after suffering severe or catastrophic crash injuries.