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3 common causes of divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2022 | Divorce

When couples have marital issues, they often seek out therapy. Therapy can help rebuild marriage and rekindle a relationship, but often it only lasts so long – usually, until new problems arise or old problems return. When this happens, people often seek out a more permanent solution: divorce. 

You may be wondering what issues may cause married couples to seek out divorce. There are often a few common reasons that come up over and over again, like:

1. Disagreements about finances

Money may be one of the most discussed and argued topics in any marriage. While some couples can find a middle ground when it comes to personal and marital finances, other couples may have more difficulties. For example, one person may have poor spending habits that eat into their spouse’s income, or one spouse may have large sums of debt that make it hard for the marriage to grow.

2. Conflicting parenting styles

Every parent wants to raise their children to be better than them and be ready to face the uncertainty of life. However, some parents may have different ideas about how their children should be raised. When couples fight about parenting styles, it can eventually lead to resentment and divorce. 

3. Prioritizing work over marriage

People frequently have to balance their work life and marriage. When people prioritize their work more than their marriage, their spouses may find their marriage difficult to manage. This can lead to broken promises and a feeling that a spouse isn’t committed to the marriage. 

All kinds of things can fracture a relationship beyond repair. When divorce is on the horizon, it’s often good to know your legal options.