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How can Ohio residents move on from possession offenses?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Drug Charges

People’s attitudes about drug use have changed significantly in recent years. Behaviors that were once taboo have become far more commonplace.

However, the possession and use of many substances remain illegal in Ohio. Police officers, prosecutors and judges actively enforce our drug laws. Individuals who have developed an addiction issue are at an elevated risk of drug charges. An arrest for a drug offense might mean jail time and large fines. It will also lead to a criminal record that could limit your job prospects and affect other parts of your life for many years.

Is there any way for someone accused of a possession offense in Ohio to avoid jail and a lifetime criminal record?

The drug courts can help those struggling with chemical dependence

Some defendants facing criminal accusations in Ohio may qualify to have their cases go through the drug courts instead of the traditional criminal courts. Drug courts can be a much preferable alternative to pleading guilty in criminal court.

The focus in drug court proceedings is on helping individuals address their substance abuse so that they won’t break the law again in the future. Those accused of addiction-related offenses with little or no prior criminal activity on their records may qualify.

Drug court proceedings often require substance abuse treatment and regular drug testing. However, those who successfully complete the requirements established by a judge in drug court can avoid a criminal conviction on their records and criminal penalties. Realizing that drug court might be an option could help you minimize the lasting consequences of a recent arrest for a drug offense.