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Parenting time schedule considerations

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Child Custody

Children whose parents have divorced need to be able to spend time with both parents. The parenting time schedule sets times for the children to be with each parent. It’s critical that both parents consider a few points as they’re working out this schedule. 

Typically, there will be two parenting time schedules. One of these is for the normal times of the year. The other is for the holidays and special days of the year. 

School, extracurricular and work schedules

When coming up with the normal parenting time schedule, you need to think about the child’s school schedule and extracurricular activities. Each parent’s work schedule is another consideration. The children need time with their parents, so both parents should be provided with time with the children when everyone can make memories. 

Holiday schedules and special events

The holidays are often a challenge because both parents may want to spend those special days with the children. Some parenting plans will have the child alternate holidays with the parents. For example, the child will spend Thanksgiving with their mother and Christmas with their father on even years. On odd years, they’d have Thanksgiving with their father and Christmas with their mother. Birthdays and anniversaries may also need to be considered.

There are other ways that this can work. Considering what types of celebrations each side of the family has and when might be beneficial. The holidays are amazing times for the children to see family members they normally don’t get to spend time with, so consider this as you’re making the parenting time schedule. 

All parents need to set things up for the children in the way that’s best for the kids. Taking the time to work out a suitable parenting time schedule is a primary consideration. As time progresses, the schedule might need to change. This may require a modification of the agreement.