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How can passengers cause car crashes?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Personal Injury

Maybe you’ve seen films where a psychopathic hitchhiker grabs the wheel, causing the driver to crash. That’s probably not going to happen to you. Yet a passenger in your or another vehicle could cause you to crash without ever touching the wheel.

Let’s start with the youngest of all, babies and children

Most parents take extra care when they have their little ones on board. They want to do everything possible to protect their child. Unfortunately, many parents also want to do everything possible to ensure their child is content, and the two do not always mix.

Young children do not care you are driving. If they want your attention, they want it, and they want it now. From a baby screaming for their bottle to a pair of siblings fighting over personal space, the kindest thing you can do if your kids seek your attention is to ignore them. Or at least ignore them until you find a safe place to pull over and attend to them. Turning around to deal with them could cause you to crash.

Teenage friends

You pass your test and can’t wait to take your friends out in the car. That’s fine if they sit there quietly. If, however, they are bouncing up and down in their seats to the bass, reaching across to fiddle with the stereo, or asking you to pose for selfies while driving, they are a dangerous distraction.

Adult partner

Most couples argue about some things. If driving is one of them, you need to realize the hazard this can pose. If you struggle to stay concentrated and calm as your partner gives a running commentary on your driving, consider stopping and swapping seats. You cannot drive well when agitated.

Avoiding passenger distractions yourself may not be enough to avoid a car crash. The road is full of other drivers who may let their passengers distract them. If one of them injures you, seek help to hold the driver responsible.